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Leather Heat Tool


Bi-Color Leather Heat Stamper

SP-757 is a new released high quality craft tool, features YC's bi-color design, which is innovative and unique to the market. Compared to SP-758, the max temperature of this model is much more lower, which is suitable for leather applying projects. With multiple choice of tips, customers are able to express their imagination on their art work. For the tips changing, you have instructions to follow, and they are printed on the insert cards. One needs to use pliers to change the tips while it is still hot. Otherwise, the tip will "freeze" onto the tool when it cools down. SP-757 has ergonomic design for easy operation, which will be welcome to the leather crafters.
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Leather Heat Stamper SP-757
Voltage & Wattage for USA
for Europe
120V 15W
220-240V 15W
Interchangeable tips please refer to "Tips"
Products>Craft Tools>Tips>SP Series
Packaging Double Blisters
Max Temp 450℃/842°F
Patent Pending US: 29/646,431
Taiwan: 107302525
China: 201830204573.5
Other Spec SP-758 Woodburning pen

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